Paintball painting

Have you ever thought of painting with paintball? We are a professional painter who

paints with paintball instead of a brush. The outcomes are always surprising

and fascinating when compare to tradition painting service. It creates a huge

visual impact on your wall with colourful mix and match a. Being creative is

one of our specialities and that is the main reason customer coming back to us.

Painting to the wall and large areas are something challenging, but with the

the help of our professional painter, you are guaranteed to get a perfect result.

For your next painting done, please visit as we do paint for both residential and commercial premises if creative is within your trait. 

Looking for a professional painter.

Painting Plastering Point Cook is your reliable painter. No job is a small job, our

painter treats every project as if their own home. Our professionalism and

attention to detail placed us in the number one spot for painting service. Painter Point Cook offers high-end painting and plastering

service to all customers. We are specializing in but not limited to, internal

painting, external painting, residential painting, and commercial painting.

Contact with us today for a free obligation quote now.


Spacious paintball venue.

Located in Essex, we have the largest ground for paintball for your best war game experience. We can fit up to 50 to 60 people in a game so you can imagine this could be a mini-war between your friendly rivals. We have both indoor and outdoor areas themed

in World War 2 and the cyber zone; each can fit up to 2 teams of 10. We also offer

more than 20 guns and accessories to choose from, a wide range of protective equipment

for hire. For the beginner, we offer 30 minutes free tutorial and experience

instructor present at all time to ensure the safety. It is a perfect place to spend

a holiday with family and friends. 


Do paintballs hurt when it hit you?


It depends! While some hits can bring welts and bruises, most of them are

insignificant and the pain fades away quickly so you can continue to play when getting

hit. The feeling of pain level also depends on where parts of your body are

getting hit, any protective was worn and the distance of the gun or power of

the air compressor. But the pain is mostly not more than a slight sting to the

body that will disappear quickly as described by many paintball players.


For your safety and enjoyment during the game, you are required to wear protective clothing, mask, and helmet. 

What happens if a paintball hits your eye and you do not have the mask on?


When paintball hit your eye, it can cause injuries which include temporary

discomfort or loss of sight. More devastating damages such as permanent eyeball

damage lead to long term loss of vision or even loss of the eye may result if

the ball was hitting straight to it in a close distance. Although paintball

primarily contains polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble

substances such as dye, the colour chemical inside the paintball will still do damage to the eye such as irritation and discomfort. Therefore, a protective mask must be worn all time when inside the paintball venue.

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