Playing in the Dark
At Great War Paintball we play in a mix of he Dark and the Light
The Starting Trench
This is the starting trench , where one team will start there fight against the other team. The battlefield is fully illuminated simulating a day time battle.
The Up Ladder
The hardest decision while playing is wether to push up the ladder or stay in you're starting trench.
Pushing Up the Ladder
Pushing your enemy back far enough to make that push up the ladder and onto the battlefield
Finding Cover
As well as trenches, their are also a selection of barricades to keep you safe on the battlefield. Be warned there are not a lot of big ones !
Trench Warefare
Figuring out the best way to utilise your trenches is all part of the challenge.
Getting Brave
Bravery is rewarded at Great War Paintball and the clear you get, The easier it gets to eliminate your opponent.
Staying Back
Staying in you're starting trench and providing cover fire is also a valuable way to support your team.
Cover Fire
Giving your team good cover fire is a great way for them to move forward, be careful though you are always in range of the other team!
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